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“Some Dance” Pre-Order and Advance Praise

Some Dance is now available for pre-order from McGill-Queen’s Press!

Some advance praise from the publisher’s website:

“This seductive volume’s tone is bittersweet. Engagingly at ease with the occult and the magical – palmistry, crystal gazing, auspices, prestidigitation – its poems are nonetheless earthy. The Elizabeth Bishop of her Brazilian poems would be delighted.”
Stephen Yenser, Department of English, UCLA

“The narrators and protagonists of Some Dance live their stories to a tune that is at once smart, humorous, graceful, and sad. Like the music of the spheres in the title poem, Sternberg’s voice is more human because it is slightly off, modulating between the formal and the vernacular, the sacred and the profane.”
Greg Keeler, Department of English, Montana State University

“Allusive, tongue-in-cheek, feathering the colloquial, these poems map out a homecoming to love’s withheld givens. Only under Sternberg’s deft touch could George Herbert’s exhortation that we must sit down and taste love’s meat be turned into the ‘eating crow’ of tender compromises. Only in Sternberg could the Biblical ‘Song of Songs’ bear the fruit of real-time domestic routine. It all adds up: this worthy contribution to a way of loving and being that, should it come at last, would represent ‘a new syntax of gestures.’”
Jeffrey Donaldson, Department of English, McMaster University